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‘Nobrow, No Boundaries’

Online presentation by Michael Cheuk (HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Community College)


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‘Hamid’s Moth Smoke and Shahraz’s The Holy Woman in Light of Butler’s Notion of Performativity’

Online Presentation by Sara Rashed (International Islamic University Islamabad)


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“Commodification of Folklore: A Study of Laila and Majnun in Consumer Culture”

Online Presentation by S. B. Malik and Muhmmad Usman Ghani


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‘Rediscovering Female Literary Voices of the Subcontinent (1880 -1950)’

Online Presentation by Munazza Yaqoob, Sofia Hussain, and Sonia Irum

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‘Encountering the Dark Mother: Ritwik Ghatak and Shock in a Cinema Hall’

Online Presentation by Saurav Sengupta (Damdama College, Gauhati University)

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keynote profile: Yvonne Tasker

Silence of the Lambs

In this third edition of the Keynote Profile series, we are honoured to introduce Professor of Film and Television Studies Yvonne Tasker (University of East Anglia), whose groundbreaking research on gender and action cinema that makes her an original force in the field of the Marginalised Mainstream. This research led to Action and Adventure Cinema (2004) and Spectacular Bodies: Gender, Crime and the Action Cinema (1993).

Yvonne is a prolific scholar, with an immense body of work behind her, including Interrogating Postfeminism: Gender and the Politics of Popular Culture (2007) and Silence of the Lambs (2002). She has also written several essays for BFI Flipside, which is re-telling ‘the untold history of British film’ through its re-release of the cornerstones and lost treasures of British cinema.

Her research continues to explore questions of gender, race and sexuality in film and television, postfeminist media culture, security, trauma and loss in crime television. Her most recent work considers depictions of gender and military culture on screen, which yielded her latest book, Soldiers’ Stories: Military Women in Cinema and Television since WWII (2011). She is currently working with Professor Diane Negra on a new book of essays, Gendering the Recession.

Yvonne teaches courses on gender and contemporary cinema, as well as on criminal investigation TV serials, which, as an avid watcher of innumerable police procedurals, makes this writer wish she lived nearer UEA.

Yvonne can be found at:

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keynote profile: Kate Macdonald


For our second Keynote Profile, we are very excited to introduce Dr Kate Macdonald. Kate lectures at Ghent University, Belgium, on British literary history and culture, and a former academic editor. Returning Marginalised Mainstreamers will remember her as leader of last year’s conference workshop, Shame, the report for which you can find here.

Kate is a leading authority on the writing of Scottish author John Buchan, and has published extensively on the writer. She has a passion for recovering forgotten but one-time best-selling authors, such as Dornford Yates, Angela Thirkell and Una L. Silberrad, and is an active part of the current drive to increase the reach (and reputation) of middlebrow research, through works including The Masculine Middlebrow, 1880-1950: What Mr Miniver Read (2011). Her edition of Una L. Silberrad’s The Good Comrade (1907) will be published soon by Victorian Secrets.

Kate is currently also lead series editor for the Pickering & Chatto monograph series, Literary Texts and the Popular Marketplace (as well as being the editor of an inordinate number of essay collections, mostly on twentieth-century British literary history), which has been releasing a steady stream of really interesting titles. The most recent publication, which Kate edited with Nathan Waddell, is John Buchan and the Idea of Modernity (May 2013).

Outside official academic life, Kate is passionate about the dissemination of academic research to the marketplace. Two of her primary outlets for this is her podcast series, Why I Really Like This Book (22,000 downloads since May 2010 and counting), and the independent book-blogging collective Vulpes Libris.

Kate can be found at:

You can also listen to her fascinating interview with Alison Turner about World War One poetry, in a series called Armistice Day for Expats in Belgium, for PRX.

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